Starting Your Own Blog Part VI: Plugins


This is the last post in my series about how to start your own blog. We’ve talked about free blogs vs. blogs where you own your domain name, how to set up both a free and self-hosted blog, and how to post pages and posts.
Today, we’ll talk about plugins. Plugins are pieces of code that add more features to your blog and also help it run more smoothly. There are tons available; WordPress’ own site alone lists 8,079 and there are many more out there.
The plugins I use (and highly recommend) are:

All in One SEO
Contact Form
Peter’s Random Anti-Spam
WordPress Database Backup
Yet [...]

Starting Your Own Blog Part III - 8 Steps To Get Your Self-Hosted Blog Up And Running

In this post, I will take you through 8 steps you need to take to set up your own self hosted blog. When you have a self hosted blog, you own your domain name and get to choose where to “park” your blog (i.e. which hosting service to go with). There are many more advantages as well, and I have written about the pros and cons of free and self hosted blogs in an earlier post. If you have any questions about any of this, please feel free to contact me. This is a long post, and if you would [...]

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