More Additions To Massage School Lists & New Feature

I have recently added a whole bunch of new schools to the various school lists, and wanted to highlight them here in a separate post (they have a “New” tag next to them on the lists so they’re easy to find).
I also wanted to mention a new feature here on AMG, which I added a little while back, but haven’t really advertised – the option to list your school and/or practice with a direct link to your website right in the listing. At the moment, I do not have practitioner lists on the site, only schools, but they are in [...]

Question From A Reader: How To Choose A Massage School?

I got an email from a reader who is trying to decide on which animal massage school to attend. It is a very difficult choice to make, and we decided to post her question and my answer, hoping it would help others who are undecided as well.
Also, if you have attended a massage school and have feedback you would like to share with us, please comment on this post, or if you prefer not to share your name, send your testimonial directly to me, and I will post it anonymously.
Lisa wrote:
Hi, I have been considering going to school for pet [...]

Animal Massage Schools - USA

Animal massage (and other alternative animal health) schools, classes and workshops in the US are listed by state, with visiting courses at the end of the list. Many of the practitioners on the list also travel to other countries to teach, and there are links to those countries’ lists from each practitioner. You will find visiting courses and workshops at the end of each list (on the Europe massage school list, all visiting courses, regardless of which country they are visiting, are at the bottom of the list).
For a quick overview of the more comprehensive canine massage programs offered, check [...]

How Can I Learn Animal Massage?

If you searched for places to learn animal massage five years ago, there were very few options available. In the past few years, however, as the popularity of massage for both humans and animals have grown, more and more massage therapy schools are adding animal programs to their curriculum.
Although Colorado is the most “animal massage school dense” area in the country, you can now find schools where you can take everything from a day or weekend course to a full-fledged certification program all over the country. Many also offer distance learning, and some have courses in various locations throughout [...]

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