Q&A: Treatment Options For A Dog With Pinched Nerve In Back

Q: Our dog has a pinched nerve in his back creating back leg weakness. We’re looking for treatment options.
Lola Michelin, Northwest School of Animal Massage:
Pinched nerves are serious business indeed and once your veterinarian has had the opportunity to diagnose the degree of trauma and the location, there are many therapies that will help. Of course, one of the first things your veterinarian will want to do is get any inflammation under control, which may include medication. This is a crucial step, but there are other therapies that can help with this. Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a very gentle massage [...]

Acupressure For Keeping Your Horse Fit

Help your horse stay fit year-round. In the winter we all slow down and move less, and this can lead to loss of muscle tone and flexibility. When spring arrives our horses want to frolic and get moving again. However, their bodies may not be ready for increased activity, which can lead to early season injuries. Ouch!
To avoid debilitating injuries causing you and your horse to miss the best time to ride and compete, try a simple acupressure session. There are four acupressure points that you can stimulate on both sides of your horse’s body that can help maintain muscle [...]

Flower Essences For Early Abrupt Weaning

Christmas is the time of year when humans are giving and receiving. It is also the time of year when individuals are inclined to purchase cute kittens and puppies as gifts for their family. The initial union is filled with much optimism and happiness but after a few days, the reality of looking after a kitten or puppy start to become apparent. The strain on the family from sleepless nights, the smell of wee and poo, causes the owners to justify their behaviour of shouting and hitting their baby animal for all of the wrongdoings that have occurred. Next come [...]

Visiting Holistic Animal Health Classes and Workshops 2014

Many practitioners travel across the world to teach their modalities, giving us unique opportunities to study with those we might not otherwise have the chance to meet and learn from first hand.
At the end of every year, we add the visiting classes for the coming year to each country’s school list. But because it’s at the end of the list, it is easy to miss, so I thought that this year, I would outline them all in a separate post as well. For contact details etc., please see the respective school list.
If you know of any classes or workshops that [...]

Holistic Animal Health Events & Workshops UK: January - February 2014

Polar bear

February 15 – World Whale Day
February 27 – International Polar Bear Day


February 2: Apothecary, Bristol
One-day workshop at the Bristol University Botanic Gardens where you learn how to offer essential oils, dried herbs, macerates, etc. to animals and how to read their responses. Instructor: Lucinda Warner
February 7-9: CamelidSense Basic Handling and Husbandry Course, Helston
3-day course at Carthvean Farm where you will learn how to work with alpacas and llamas. Instructor: Julie Taylor-Browne
February 3-5: Equine Sports Massage Module II, Chudleigh
3-day hands-on foundation class (with required home study) in the certification program. Taught by the Institute of Complementary Animal Therapies (ICAT)
February 17-19: Canine [...]

Holistic Animal Health Classes & Workshops: USA and Canada January - February 2014

Jenday Conure

January is
Walk Your Pet Month
Adopt-a-Rescued-Bird Month
January 5 – National Bird Day
January 20 – National Penguin Awareness Day
January 21 – Squirrel Appreciation Day
January 22 – National Answer-Your-Cat’s-Questions Day
February is
Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month
National Bird-Feeding Month
Unchain a Dog Month
National Prevent a Litter Month
Pet Dental Health Month
Responsible Animal Guardian Month
National Cat Health Month
February 7-14 – Have a Heart For Chained Dogs Week
February 14 – National Pet Theft Awareness Day
February 15 – World Whale Day
February 16-22 – National Justice for Animals Week
February 20 – Love Your Pet Day
February 27 – International Polar Bear Day
February 25 – Spay Day USA


January 4-5: Masterson Method™ Massage Seminar, [...]

Canine And Human Help for Stiff Limbs

Dog Human Gall Bladder 34

Ever awaken and realize you’re a bit stiff? You try to stretch your legs and they send you a pain message. Then you stretch your arms out and you feel as if rubber bands are holding you back. Dogs can feel the very same way.
As cave animals originally, dogs are programmed to stretch their legs before getting up after sleeping. When they’re young, they can easily bounce up and get going after stretching. If they’ve experienced an injury to a limb, it may not be particularly comfortable and they may not move so fast. Over-exercising can lead to tight and [...]

Crystal Therapy Q&A - Learning Crystal Therapy, How To Use Healing Crystals, And More


We get a lot of questions about crystal therapy and how to work with crystals, so today’s post is a Q&A with crystal expert Karen Ryan where she answers some of the ones we hear the most often:
Q: I am looking for an online school that teaches crystal therapy for animals, but am having a hard time finding any. Can you recommend some?
I recommend Lynn McKenzie ( who does online courses and has a course offering for using crystals with animals. There are many more instructors providing related healing courses like Raindrop ( but maybe not online like Lynn does. [...]

Veterinary Nutrition: How To Choose The Right Food For Your Pet


We all know that eating right is extremely important, and consistently subsiding on a diet full of processed foods and saturated fat leads to a number of disorders and diseases. And it is just as important for our pets as it is for us, but with all the conflicting information out there, how do you know what to feed your pets?
As I mentioned in my review of “Wild Health”, while reading it I had this aha moment where it really hit me that food is medicine, and not just bitter foods you don’t want to eat – everything you consume [...]

Business Monday: 13 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Business And Brand


Your brand is not your logo. Your brand is the message you send about your business. It is the way you communicate that message to your clients.
Not sure if your brand is sending a clear message? The right message? A consistent message? Do you need to do some rebranding?
Ask yourself the following questions…
1. Do you know what message you are sending out with your brand? Have you kept your brand message in mind with every step you have taken to build your biz?
2. Does your brand message match your products? Have your products and services changed over time? Would you [...]

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